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VYP Development Field Guide
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  • What is fundraising?
  • What resources are available from HQ?
  • How do we apply for merchandise or gift card in-kind donations and why?
  • How do we apply for community grants that don’t require post-award reporting?
  • How do we apply for community grants that require simplified reporting?
  • Do stores and restaurants REALLY do fundraisers? How?

Requested a local store cash or in-kind donation? Let HQ know!

Go to Application Reporting 

Please let VYP HQ know you have applied for specific local store donations.


Looking for fundraising ideas for your area, state or region?

Ask the Development Team for existing DIY guides or other ideas, and remember to check out the field guide for fundraising.

Does your community or state have an annual giving day such as Giving Tuesday in November?

Check out VYP’s revised guide to making the most of your area’s collaborative giving opportunities. Click HERE for more information.


Message the VYP Development Department

Store Application Reporting(Not Target or Wal-Mart/Sam's Club)

TARGET Store GiftCard Application Reporting