Light-A-Candle 2023 Resources

Check here for development, marketing, and PR resources for Light-A-Candle 2023. Check back often, as resources are being added all the time! 
Link to Light-A-Candle 2023 Page

How to Create & Marketing Light-A-Candle Classes & Events

Start here! Now is the perfect time to start digging into the LAC resources that we have prepared for you!

LAC 2023 Page QR Code

Download the QR code to take the user to the LAC fundraising page. The donation form on this page has options to designate gift to any of the States.

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QR Code: #23639b

Marketing Resources

LAC 2023 Header / LAC 2023 Footer

LAC 2023 State Fundraising Resources

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Set-up Video Tutorial

Local LAC Event Reporting Form

Please report any local development, marketing, or PR events for Light-A-Candle 2023 so VYP HQ can provide resources and outreach support.