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There are five military bases in New York, including the prestigious West Point Academy. 

In 2018, New York State was home to 790,000 veterans.
That same year, minorities made up 23% of New York State’s veteran population.

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Your tax-deductible donation is stewarded by compassion to help reach our military and veteran communities in need. Your generosity helps us provide local veterans and military families with mind-body tools, training scholarships, classes, connections and resources.

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VYP New York Team

We could not do what we do without our amazing Field Teams. Please consider donating your time and talents by joining your local team!

Sandy-MacGilvray VYP Yoga Teacher

Sandy MacGilvray
New York State Director | Amityville, NY

Sandy has been teaching yoga for 10 years, selling insurance for 25, and is a mama to her 19yr old son, dog, and 2 kitties.

Sandy completed my MRT with VYP in 2016 after being prompted by Deb Jeannette, the Mama Bear of VYP. Sandy met Deb at a yoga festival where we talked about my wanting to teach with intention. Sandy’s decision to work with VYP was an opportunity to talk to her favorite veteran, her Dad, a VERY proud Vietnam Vet.

Until her involvement with VYP, Sandy never spoke with him about his experience in the Army. It was a part of his past she always chose to skate over because of her own discomfort. As they talked about Vietnam as he showed her pics and paraphernalia of a part of his life she knew nothing about, something clicked. Sandy is very grateful to have her Dad share his insight with her and grateful that it didn’t pass her by altogether.

Teaching weekly classes for VYP has been a tremendously fulfilling experience for Sandy. She knows VYP is making a difference because of the feeling after every class she teaches, and the look on the faces of her veterans.

Sandy is incredibly proud to be part of VYP. She feels we are, without a doubt, making a difference to veterans and their families.

NYC Outreach Coordinator

Michelle Strah

NY Revenue & Development

Karen Schneider

Karen Schneider

Drawn to working at the Northport VA where Karen’s stepfather was a regular, she wanted to give back to VA hospitals and veterans in need. Karen began volunteering to teach employees of the VA and since joining VYP in 2018, began teaching Veterans their weekly.

NY Revenue & Development

Maryrose "Mimi" Borda

Maryrose "Mimi" Borda
As a first-generation American, Mimi’s patriotism stems from her unofficial adopted grandparents with whom she spent much of her time during her formative years. He was a Koren War Veteren witht the Army.
When she discovered yoga and the many benefits, she knew that this would be her way to give back to the heroes that have given so much. 

NY Area Manager Western NY

Derek Dimond

NY Area Manager Upstate NY

Joe Johnson

Joe is a 26 year retired Air Force veteran, a Certified Social Worker, and A Yoga & Meditation Teacher. 

NY Area Manager
Mid Hudson

Jessica Bugbee

NY Area Manager
New York Metro

Clarissa Alliano

Clarissa Alliano

Clarissa lives in Staten Island, NY and has been instructing yoga since 1998 and for VYP since 2015.

All four grandparents served in the military, Army & Navy and her Mom’s beau received a Purple Heart. 

She currently holds VYP classes at Fort Hamilton Army Base and at Fort Wadsworth Coast Guard & Army Reserve Base monthly. And weekly on the VYP Online Studio.

NY Area Manager
Long Island

Nicole Cervera

Nicole joined the Veteran’s Yoga Project because of her father, a military veteran in Peru. He served for four years in the early 80s. Yoga and exercise have helped them both over the years really build a bond together. 

NY Area Manager
Eastern NY

Romy Cuppernal

NY Area Manager


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