Every Day is Veterans Day
and every day we support the resilience and recovery of veterans, military families, and their communities.
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Together we can do extraordinary things.

Together we can make every day Veterans Day.

At VYP, we believe that together, we can change the lives and communities of our military families and veterans. 

Join us in supporting the recovery and resilience of our veterans, military members, their families and communities. Through access to a full range of mind-body practices rooted in yoga and grounded in science, we support their efforts to be leaders in their own lives, in their own families, and in their own communities.

When our veterans and military families succeed, it creates a powerful ripple effect that can be felt throughout the greater community. 

With your help, we can help those recovering from PTS(D) by teaching empowering self-regulating practices. With your help, our heroes can move through post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth more quickly and gracefully. With your help, every day can be Veterans Day.


Join our mission to make Every Day Veterans Day

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By share our no-cost resources, you could be the difference in the lives of our Veterans and Military Families

Veterans Yoga Project Local Classes & Regions

We envision a future where all those affected by trauma have access to a full range of mind-body practices to facilitate recovery and resilience. We are committed to providing these tools and training in Safe, Predictable, and Controlled environments (SPaCe).


Invite VYP To Speak at Your Organization or Event

Help to spread Mindful Resilience and Recovery in your community by inviting local VYP Boots on the Ground to speak at your organization or event. Get in contact with us today so we can deliver exactly what you are looking for!

Practice With Us: Available Daily. At no cost to you.

Mindful Resilience is what we call the collection of mind-body practices that we teach: Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest, and Gratitude.

These tools help us breathe easy, focus clearly, move freely, rest deeply, and remember what is working in our lives. As a result, we become more resilient in the face of both ordinary and extraordinary challenges.

Join us for a live class in your local community!

Check out the local VYP Boots On The Ground in your state and find the nearest live VYP class 

Join us for virtual classes in our VYP Online Studio.

Your account is always free and the information you provide will remain confidential. 

Can’t make the times? Check out our Practice Library! 

Available all day, every day, check out our recorded practices and our VYP practice guide! 

Explore the ways you can support the mindful resilience and recovery of our Veterans and Military Families


Show off your Mindful Resilience by sporting some of our classic or limited edition VYP gear! 
All proceeds from our VYP Shop help to fund our programs for veterans, active duty, their communities, and families. The majority of products in the store are designed by veterans or their family members, and all products are printed in the USA.


We need help getting Mindful Resilience and Recovery into every community, veteran and military household. To do that, we need our VYP boots on the ground! In the digital age, volunteering can take on many different shapes and sizes. No matter what your schedule allows, there’s a way for you to join VYP.

Gaming, yoga-thons, or all-nighters – put your streaming account toward a good cause! Go solo or create a team. Check out our VYP Tiltify account and click the fundraise button to setup the campaign, sync your streaming account and set the dates and goals of your event.


Donate via one of the most tax efficient methods out there. Veterans Yoga Project now accepts cryptocurrency! VYP now accepts all major forms of Crypto. Join us in supporting resiliency and recovery by donating your Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Z-cash (ZEC), Filecoin (FIL), Dogecoin (DOGE), or any tokens currently accepted on the Gemini Exchange.


Amazon Smile

Support Veterans Yoga Project when you shop on Amazon! When you designate Veterans Yoga Project as your charitable recipient, .05% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases will be donated to our outreach – at no cost to you!

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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

If you are a federal employee, you can now select Veterans Yoga Project of your nonprofit of choice to receive your CFC contribution. The Open Period to change your charity runs through to January 15, 2022. Set Veterans Yoga Project (#11349) to show your support for the recovery and resilience of our Veterans and Military Families.