Steve Ausdenmoore,
VYP Board Secretary

RYT-200 | San Antonio, TX

“Yoga Steve”, as his yoga friends call him, is a Veteran of the USMC. He is a father, husband, corporate professional, as well as a certified yoga instructor and Co-owner of Warrior Power Yoga in San Antonio, TX.

Steve’s yoga journey started just over 5 years ago (and “NOW” he says this laughingly) “after my wife dragged me kicking and screaming to my first yoga class.” At the time, his job had him traveling from one end of the country to the other, he couldn’t have a regular exercise routine and his diet wasn’t what it should’ve been eating whenever & whatever was available. All of this along with lack of sleep and the many stresses these things cause, his weight increased up over 60lbs from where it should’ve been.

After finding yoga, Steve started focusing on a healthier diet, eating more nutritious foods to feed his body. He then started seeking a yoga style that spoke to him both mentally & physically. What he found was Baptiste Yoga. Steve adopted the Baptiste Methodology in his life, maintaining a regular yoga & meditation practice and implementing a healthier diet. Through this he lost those 60lbs & much more. In fact, he weighs less today than he did at 19yrs when joining the USMC. Steve gained more strength & muscle, more flexibility and an athletic physique all with the additional benefit of reducing stress from his life.

As a Veteran himself, Steve and his wife have long supported Veteran causes. That support, together with his passion for yoga, led him to seek out organizations like Veterans Yoga Project. Since finding VYP, Steve obtained his Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery teacher training, is an Ambassador for Veterans Yoga Project and now sits on their Board of Directors.

Steve believes in the concept of “being of service to others”, not just in yoga but in life. His teaching style focuses on a strong body & mind through a powerful and fun practice. He concentrates on linking the power of yoga on and off the mat, living a healthy lifestyle and empowering students to step out of their comfort zone. He is truly committed to their personal growth and development, helping you invest in your greatest resource – “you”.