Deb Jeannette,
Northeast Regional Director
VYP Board Treasurer

Bay Shore, NY

Deb has been President of the Board since 2015 and has been an integral and invaluable part of the growth of VYP.  She has engaged in all aspects of that growth from the formalization of the group structure and instrumental in the development of the fund-raising activities of VYP.

As an active community member and leader throughout her career and lifetime, Deb’s corporate background brings over 30 years’ business experience in Supply Chain Management in an international market, which allows her to provide unique insights and solutions to the business challenges that VYP has faced as we grow. 

An integral part of her role has been to provide leadership and to develop partnerships which cultivate community outreach in support of our veterans, families, and communities.  

Deb has been continually active in supporting the processes and practices that promote an environment which results in overall health and wellness to facilitate recovery and resilience for our target client base. She is both recognized and appreciated for her ability to empathize and nurture relationships with people from varying backgrounds. 

Deb is a passionate student, teacher, and leader, empowering those around her to live powerful, purposeful lives. Certified as a yoga therapist and having experienced the transformative power of the practice, her work is to bring this time-tested wisdom and traditions to others by guiding individuals toward an accessible state of deep inner awareness for greater positivity, clarity, and courage off the mat.

Deb’s dad was a World War II Army veteran, and her son is a US Marine helicopter pilot (Operation Enduring Freedom). Her desire is to support the veteran community in any way she can and to give back to the women and men who have given us so much.