Winston Ward,
Deep South Regional Director

Tampa, FL


“Omna Shva Bahksha”- “I am enlightened by my true self”

“We should not live life condemned by what happens to us, but focused on what we make happen for us”


Born in Chicago, raised in upstate NY, with roots from Northern Louisiana, and as a minority, with African, Puerto Rican, & Native American Heritage, Cortez had very humble beginnings. Not from a place of security & nurturing, but from a place of struggle & tribulation. Joining the Military while still in high school, Cortez put in 100% effort into practicing trades, training vigorously, remaining resilient after damaging his body, and eventually accrued injuries in the line of duty. Returning home to those same humble beginnings, he found further hardship and financial burden. After years of hard work and finding his way to Yoga Cortez has since obtained his Associate Degree in Exercise Science and started a business in Holistic Health & Fitness.

“We must have Function Before Fitness”, Yoga is that function. The nature of yoga is remarkable because of the power it has to help people in its versatility. Yoga can incorporate sound, aroma, and physical therapy. Yoga aligns mind, body, and spirit through its universal style. Yoga is holistic, yoga is enlightenment, but most of all, yoga is yours.