We ❤️ Our Volunteers!

Volunteer and Staff Positions

Veterans Yoga Project offers the opportunity to work with, learn from, and contribute to an extremely talented group of professionals from diverse backgrounds.

So what makes volunteering for us different? We are passionately interested in your continuing professional development, and making sure that you are in a role that not only serves others, but serves you as well. We have had volunteers go on to do great things. When not spreading the mission of Mindful Resilience and Recovery, our current staff does everything from run yoga studios and clinics to consulting for bands and Fortune 500 companies. 

If you don’t tick all the experience boxes these positions are looking for – don’t worry! We can teach you and we love working with people who can bring different skill sets to our mission. But you absolutely must love and feel very passionate about what we do here at Veterans Yoga Project!

Do you want to start teaching for VYP or get your yoga studio involved? Please check out our Teachers Alliance page!

So, how do I get involved?

If you would like to be active within your community, please contact your State Team. In addition to working within your State Team, you will receive quarterly training and monthly contact from VYP HQ. These roles include:

Regional Director & Deputy Regional Director Roles - Do you like running the show? This position is responsible for developing and providing guidance and support to the VYP Regional Team including VYP trained teachers.

State Director – Do you have a talent for people management? This position is responsible for leading, guiding, and growing the state VYP team.

• State Development Coordinator For all the fundraisers and grant-writers out there, this position seeks and coordinates regional funding opportunities.

State Outreach CoordinatorCalling all social butterflies and marketing nerds! Keep teachers informed of activities, new programs, and vacancies in the region, and arranges for VYP representation at Regional yoga conferences, festivals, and expos.

Area ManagerBig cities, counties, or army posts, these volunteers assist with teacher support and fund raising efforts through direct contact with yoga teachers, studios and businesses in geographic areas within the region.

VYP AmbassadorsHave VYP programs or practices changed your life and you would like to share your story with others? Our VYP Ambassadors engage in VYP marketing, outreach and fundraising efforts in their local areas to support the mission of VYP.

If you have significant professional history or interest in a field and would like to join the team at VYP HQ, please browse the volunteer positions below. If you are curious about how to start teaching for VYP or how to get your yoga studio involved with VYP, please check out our Teachers Alliance page!

Let's do something BIG together

The time and talents of our volunteers and partners are indispensible. If you are interested in a large group project, please get in touch with us through our Corporate Partnership program.

Virtual Volunteering

In the digital age, volunteering can take on many different shapes and sizes. No matter what your schedule allows, there’s a way to join VYP!

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We want to see a world where everyone has access to mind-body practices for recovery and resilience. Sharing VYP to your network can help us get there!
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Digital Fundraising

Create your own peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

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In just a few clicks, create a dynamic page that invites your friends to give. Perfect for a memorial fund or matching gifts.
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