Compliance, Grievances & Concerns Feedback Form:

Veterans Yoga Project is dedicated to supporting our veterans, families, and communities in a safe, predictable, and controlled way.

Protocol For Addressing Feedback and Serious Concerns
about Veterans Yoga Project (VYP)


Misunderstandings, frustrations, grievances, or serious concerns may arise as we work together and interact with others in the pursuit of our mission to support recovery and resilience among veterans, military families, and communities. It is our intent to be responsive to the feedback and concerns of its members, volunteers, and leaders. Therefore, any VYP Team Member who is confronted with a problem may use the procedure described below.

For the purposes of this document: “VYP Team Member” is defined as a(n):

  • Employee (part time or full time)
  • Contractor
  • Volunteer

“Supervisor” refers to the person that a VYP Team Member would go to for VYP-related guidance. 

The purpose of this protocol is to provide a quick, effective, and consistently applied method for a VYP Team Member to present his or her feedback or concerns and have them addressed.


  1. Discussion with supervisor: Initially, VYP Team Members should look to their immediate supervisor for support with feedback or concerns, as the best solution to concerns usually occurs closest to the problem. If the concern involves the supervisor, and the VYP Team Member is not comfortable discussing the situation with their supervisor, they should schedule an appointment with someone in the HR function or the Chief Operating Officer to discuss the concern.

  2. Escalation of unresolved concerns: If discussion with the immediate supervisor does not resolve the concern, or if the supervisor does not respond, the VYP Team Member should complete the Feedback and Concerns Form  via the button below to provide the following information:
  • Description of the concern
  • Dates and details of specific incidents, if applicable
  • Name of immediate supervisor
  • Date(s) of discussion with immediate supervisor
  • Suggestions on how the concern could be resolved

Each concern will be reviewed by the senior leadership team and then routed to the appropriate channel to investigate and resolve. If required, we will initiate our formal grievance process (outlined in a separate document). The Chief Executive Officer and/or a 3rd party may be engaged to assist.

Severe Situation

The following concerns warrant immediate notification of the Chief Operating Officer and HR through the form referenced above:

  • Alleged sexual assault or harassment
  • Death or serious injury of a VYP member at an event/activity
  • The arrest or detainment of a VYP volunteer, contractor, or staff member
  • Alleged theft, fraud, or financial misconduct by a volunteer, contractor or staff member
  • Other concerns deemed in good faith to be severe

Additional Guidance

VYP is committed to addressing any VYP Team Member concerns expeditiously and with the utmost care and respect. Because concerns are best resolved on an individual basis, this procedure should only be initiated by individual VYP Team Members, and not on someone else’s behalf. All concerns should be brought forth in good faith.