Brian Garrison

Spartanburg, SC

BrianG is a grateful member of the VYP training teams for MRT and MRCF. He teaches at VYPOSC on Wednesday mornings…and is a vocal advocate of meeting you in any of those channels.
A US Army veteran, Brian now focuses on creating transformational practices as an offering to serve others healing, growing, and thriving.

Brian holds certifications in RYT500 Yoga, Yoga of 12 Step Recovery, and Recovery 2.0 Yoga-informed Recovery Coaching.

When not out seeking an ‘as-yet-untrodden-by-me’ hiking trail, waterfall, coastline or mountaintop, he can be found doing individual and group coaching, holding space for individual and group self-regulation and personal transformation practice, and teaching a variety of yoga classes, at locations in Upstate South Carolina.